Twitter Profile

In this tutorial we're replicating Twitter's profile view, tweet detail view, and photo viewer. Before you get started you'll neeed to download the assets package via the link below. Inside of this folder is the Sketch file used to create each asset so that you can update anything should you want to and all of the assets. After you've set up your project in Pixate just drag and drop all of the assets from the asset folder into Pixate and you're ready to go! If there is something that I didn't explain well enough or you have trouble with any portion of the project feel free to reach out to me.

Download assets

Part 2 - Photo viewer & Tweet detail

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    1. Fyre3 years ago

      Thanks for all the awesome tutorials! They've made learning Pixate a million times easier!

    2. IKJ2 years ago

      Love your videos. Might be a silly question, but when you're setting your 'tweets_scroll.contentY' to > 60, doesnt that mean when the Y coordinate of "tweets_scroll.content" is GREATER than 60, itll place it behind the header? Dont you want it to to be LESSER than the 60 coordinate?

      • Jared Lodwick2 years ago

        I still mix up my carrots sometimes :/ If >60 doesn't work just switch it and see if that does work.