iOS Toggle Switch

A tutorial on how to create a functional iOS-style toggle switch.

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  • Top comments
    1. Aaron3 years ago

      I really appreciate all the tutorials! I'm new to Pixate, but see huge potential and really appreciate you doing these. Just one question: What would be the downside of creating an invisible "hotzone" then using animation conditions? (handle.x == 1 then move to 20; if handle.x == 20, then move to 1. Is there an advantage doing this way with 2 buttons fading in and out?

    2. Wayne Tayco2 years ago

      Hey man, Thanks for this wonderful tutorial! My only question is; is it possible to duplicate it within the same canvas or reuse it for different project? I have the idea of duplicating the pixate file, modify it for different project and just leave the toggle button as template.

      • Jared Lodwick2 years ago

        If you make a project with just the toggle you can import the file into Pixate. In the top right corner of the canvas there's an import button next to the undo/redo buttons.