Subsequential Sticky Headers

This tutorial teaches you how to create subsequential sticky headers in Pixate. Subsequential headers are common within contact, messaging, photo, calendar, and many data-centric apps.

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  • Top comments
    1. Alberto Orsini 3 years ago

      I gotta say that you're a beast. I have my entire team meticulously studying your tutorials. Thank you for putting these together–they're great.

    2. Vali MDX 3 years ago

      very well done. highly educative and highly apprecieated resource on pixate. I have a question though, why does your scroll have the bouncing efect? Keep up the good work! :)

    3. riacharda 2 years ago

      How do you get the circle cursor on your iOS simulator? I can never get scroll to work by itself. I have to add a scroll + drag interaction.

      • Jared Lodwick 2 years ago

        I'm not using the simulator in my recordings, I'm using Quicktime to display my screen. You can turn on touch gestures in the app's settings.