Message Accordion Expansion

In this tutorial we make a beautiful and stylish accordion expansion animation for a message application.

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    1. Cody Arsenault3 years ago

      Awesome tutorial!

      A quick question.

      Instead of having a back button, how would you implement the same animation with a simple tap anywhere on the open-message to bring the user back to the feed.

      It's easier for me to tap the message instead of the back of button. (6plus)

      • Jared Lodwick3 years ago

        Thank you, Cody!

        You could move that back button layer to anywhere you want and resize it however you want to make it work best for you. So if you want to tap on the body copy you can place it over that. It'll still function the same.

        I'm also playing around with making a tap and drag gesture to close it (think of how closing photos works on the Facebook app) but as you can imagine there's a lot of moving parts to get that to work. Perhaps I'll do an additional tutorial onceI get that working.