A (nearly) fully-functional iOS keyboard component for use in any Principle prototype. Included is the bonus keyboard design tool to help you easily design your own keyboard in Sketch and be ready to import into Principle, and with one click, have a functional keyboard with your brand new design.

iOS Keyboard Principle Component and Keyboard Designer

Compatible with Sketch 43.2 and Principle 2.1.5 or later

  • Sketch UI Kit
  • Principle prototype
  • 6.4 MB file
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Top comments
  1. Игорь Гамаюнов1 year ago

    Ur crazy!

    How much time did u spend for it?

    • Jared Lodwick1 year ago

      Probably about 50 hours total. It took some time figuring out how to even build this in Principle, establish the best layer naming conventions, and set up the Sketch file properly. I remade the Sketch file a couple of times.

  2. Nazim Can Tunç1 year ago

    wow. this is a hard work. good job and thank you

  3. niiora11 months ago

    ou just saved me a buuuuunch of time, thanks!