Designing a Facebook Messenger chatbot? This UI kit is all you'll need to get the look and feel of your bot down! This kit is great to use for creating presentation materials, marketing materials, prototypes, or to just get an idea of what your bot will look like to end users. Click below to download for free. Compatible with Sketch 3.0 and later.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot UI Kit

Compatible with Sketch 3.0 or later

  • Mobile and web assets
  • Responsive symbols
  • 1 MB file
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Top comments
  1. Kat Evan2 years ago

    Ahhh!! Thank you soooo much!!! i finaly understood finaly logic of pixate))))

  2. Davis Nunez3 years ago

    It came out really good, thanks for sharing!

  3. Der Dooley2 years ago

    This is a brilliant tutorial. Thanks very much for posting.